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Our Values

Every company needs a set of values, not only for internal purposes to ensure that the team is all moving in the same direction but also to set a benchmark and a level of expectation that a potential partner or supporter of an organisation can expect to receive every single time they contact or interact with a member of our team.

At NGage Technology Group our values are what we live by, below is what you can expect when you interact with one of the members of our “superstar” team.


We are grateful and appreciate the opportunities that present themselves in our lives. We show our appreciation often, without prompting and say thank-you easily. We love catching people doing things right.


We know that we are at cause for everything that happens in our lives and in our business.


We take 100% responsibility for our communication effectiveness. We communicate clearly and honestly. We speak positively and endeavour to empower ourselves and others through how we communicate with ourselves and others. We don’t engage in gossip, and choose always to speak to someone who can do something about a problem, rather than someone who can’t. We take responsibility for our responses to peoples communication with us.


We are willing to stretch ourselves, and others beyond the boundary conditions of our thinking through doing what needs to be done, not just what we like to do.


We endeavour to exceed all of our personal expectations about what we are capable of and to exceed the expectations of our internal and external stakeholders through the delivery of the most outstanding customer service possible.


We know that if we don’t get the outcome we want the first time, or the second, or the third… then we must be willing to demonstrate the ultimate behavioural flexibility and recognise it as feedback, not failure. We are willing to learn to do it differently to get the results that we want.


We choose to enjoy what we do and see it as play, not work. We share our sense of fun with others because it is easier to create success if we choose to have a sense of playfulness and fun.


We are truthful to ourselves and others, we deliver as promised first time, every time.


We take 100% responsibility for our actions and our non-actions. We take 100% responsibility for our results and our non-results.


We are committed to creating and maintaining sustainable solutions, not short term fixes.

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